In the present time, technology becomes a part of the lives of many as its role has been significant to anybody who works. Thus, businesses also use technology to stay competitive and gain more. However, there are issues they sometime encounters on technologies they are using. These are as follows:

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— The cyber security is the biggest problem of businesses when it comes to technology. Hackers are all smart and can easily snatch or steal personal information of yours and of your business. Once hacked, the information may spread and harm the business. Anyone can be a subject to hacking but making or setting policies will be a great way to prevent this and be safe.


Tasks or works have to be done on time but this become a problem of IT staffs. They are lacking because of the dues or time. Many tasks are not being finished because of the workloads plus the lack of skills which lead them not to complete a certain tasks. Training and the skill building must be given for IT staffs in order for them to succeed in their assigned tasks.


This problem is like of forcing yourself to communicate or understand a foreigner once you traveled at a foreign country. It is just the same with technology. The services and systems are struggling too before integrating correctly.


This is close with cyber security. All the information or data sent, stored, and also the amounts of data retrieved needs protection as well. It will be complicated if the data breaches because it will be a huge problem that a company may face. Moreover, customers never wanted their data or information be at risk and if the data breaching occurs, their trust and loyalty will be hard to bring back again.


IT positions in a company are needed to fill out strictly. Technology is very labyrinth like because of its difficulties. Hiring is gonna be so serious because degrees are not the basis of the capabilities and skills of an IT position because not all degree holder are excellent but rather a new one.


Options on where to put or store data are not perfect. That is why it is one of the issue that an IT staff worrying about. Data availability and accessibility is a common issue of an IT. There are other ways to store and maintain data secure but it will be expensive.


These two are different but the problem with their information technology are similar. It is devastating for an IT to protect and preserve the data from others who wanted to get the same data and own it.


To stay competitive and because a lot of competitors are existing against your business, an continuous innovation, creativity, and marketing strategy are needed to provide especially with relation in the digital transformations that can develop new ideas which the business can use effectively.


–Every transaction of a business must be kept as a secret to anyone whom you are not trusting that much. IT staff is in charge in making them store privately and secretly to get rid with those who wanted to get a copy. Confidentiality will keep everything secured.


Piracy is no joke and should be taken seriously. Indeed, it is a great challenge for IT. Duplication of others are not that easy to find so, it is not an easy job for an IT to detect such kind of piracy.

Technologies are a great partner when in terms of businesses as it will make the enterprise secured, protected, and great way to used to create and develop more innovations for the company’s welfare and growth.