How to Choose Wide Format Printers for Schools

The world of education is changing. Schools are not just about lectures and tests anymore, they’re also about interactive experiences for students that help them learn the lessons in a hands-on way. To be able to provide these types of learning opportunities, schools need new tools like wide format printers. If you’re considering purchasing one of these pieces of equipment for your school, here’s what you should know before you make a purchase!

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What features should we look for in a wide format printer?

There are a few different things to consider when you’re looking for wide format printers. You should look at the size of paper and media that each printer can accept, as well as the connectivity options available with your purchase.

There are a few key features that you should keep in mind when shopping for wide format printers. First of all, it’s important to find a machine with the right resolution capabilities. If your printer does not have high enough resolution (dots per inch), images may come out blurry or pixelated. Next up is connectivity; make sure you choose one that has network printing and USB compatibility so everyone can easily use it without having to purchase additional equipment like memory sticks or flash drives.

When choosing a printer look into what kind of media sizes are possible (e.g., A0/AO up to a whopping A0/AO up to a whopping with true 13 colors plus white and clear coat option), what kind of media it can print on (e.g., vinyl, canvas, polypropylene), the maximum width of roll that can be accommodated in your space as well as how long the printer takes to heat up and feed through rollers for use.

Schools that use wide-format printers often have more design classes which means the printer will get quite a bit of usage over time, so it’s important to invest in products that are designed for business’ sake. The last thing you want is to buy an inexpensive model only to find out later on that it doesn’t perform as well or has other problems such as being difficult to maintain down the line!

What brands of wide-format printers do we recommend?

Some reliable brands of wide-format printers include Epson and Canon. These companies have made significant strides in improving their products over time; some even offer warranties on certain parts such as print heads!

HP makes an excellent line called DesignJet which includes many different models at various price points depending upon how much print volume will

What should I keep in mind when buying a Wide Format Printer?

Another factor schools should take into consideration before investing their money is what kind of paper they need because not all brands can handle every type; some may be able poorly with thin media like onionskin whereas others might struggle even worse with specialty matte paper.

The second thing schools should take into consideration when choosing Wide Format Printers is the ease of use; in school, teachers might not be familiar with how to use an industrial-grade printer and could run the risk of damaging it. Also, keep in mind that many wide format printers are somewhat heavy (some can weigh up to 600 pounds) so there needs to be proper room for storage as well!

Should Schools Start Buying Wide Format Printers?

A lot depends on what kind of budget they have available but I believe every school would benefit from having at least one wide-format printer on hand because if nothing else, you’ll attract a better grade of students by showing them your commitment to technology! In general, though, most businesses will find that they can save money by switching to wide format printing.

However, you will need to consider your current budget and the scope of work that needs doing; this may or may not include having one in-house. If it does though, I recommend looking at EFI VUTEk as an option because not only do they have good technical support but also excellent warranties so if anything goes wrong with your machine there is always someone around who can help out!