Why You Need To Centralize The Copier In The Office

The key to improved efficiency and productivity in the office lies in finding ways to have a centralized copier that all of your employees can access. The more readily available information is, the smoother the process will be. 

Centralization is an important component if you want to keep your customers happy while facilitating a smooth workflow for employees with minimal errors and manual entry. Here are some of the advantages:

Everything’s in one place.

With physical paper, it can seem impossible to track down information. It may be on someone else’s table, misfiled, or just lost among the stacks of paper. With centralized copier access, everyone goes to one place to print, copy and fax all the information that they need and if in case they forget where they put it, they can only go to one place. A centralized copier allows for increased efficiency while reducing honest mistakes. 

Also, having a centralized copier can help with security. Different team members can have certain permissions, rights, and levels of access that can be restricted to other departments, all while keeping the information stored in a single, secure, and solid software in one copier. The audit trails and the ability to create annotation can help keep track of updates with minimal effort. 

Easy to organize.

Since centralized copiers can help keep track of those who use them, it will be easy to organize every document that is printed, faxed, and copied. There is file management software that is available in new copiers that stores information that you can check later, thus lessening the case of a lost document. Having a centralized copier is also a space-saving solution because it gives the office just one place to do all the copying, printing, and faxing while the rest of the space in the office can be used for something else.

Audit preparation is efficient. 

Audits happen in every company. You are going to get an audit notice almost every quarter and scramble to print, scan, copy, fax and compile all of the requested information that can be burdensome to you and your staff. Having a centralized copier gives you the convenience of doing everything in one place, so you do not have to go through different areas in your company to do each of the tasks. This can save time, and you can still prepare for your audit. 

The technology that is now available to new copiers can remove the burden of having to face your auditors on the day of your audit. With a centralized copier, you can gather all of the documents that you need without having to go to different areas in the office; this can lessen the stress on you and your team members. 

Reduces the occurrence of missing Items.

Lost files are a reality in every company. Looking for lost files can cost you money and time. If your files are stored in the software of just one copier, you do not have to go through numerous copiers just to find the information that you need. Having to go through different copiers or printers that have been used by numerous employees can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you have just one copier, it will be easy to trace the time and the place where you last printed, copied, faxed, and stored the document. 

Centralized copiers offer a world of opportunities in your office. From efficient employees who can easily grab the information that you need to customers who appreciate the fast response time, technology is doing amazing things for businesses, and having it centralized will work wonders. 

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